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المحاسب المتميز 07-28-2013 11:41 AM

Chapter 7 question, filing, discharge & gifts

I've been unable to find a clear answer on this, and wanted to see if anyone here may know.

For a number of reasons including fiscal irresponsibility, with medical bills and a car accident being the "final nail in the coffing, my wife and I had to file for Chapter 7 protection. We signed the paperwork on January 18th, and our 341 will be on February 25th with an expected discharge in April.

We are re-affirming the debt for our car loan, but my other car (paid off) is dying. My father recently got a new car and wants to give me his old one. I'm hesitant to transfer it into my name however as I don't want it to be part of the estate. When would I be OK to accept this gift?

Secondly, they may be selling their house in the near future and they wanted to give us approx. $10,000 to help us get back on our feet (if the house were to sell). Again, I feel truly blessed by the offer, but I'm afraid it would end up being taken.

So are gifts, physical and/or cash, protected in any way after filing? After discharge?

I know about the 180 days and inheritance, but there isn't much on the web that makes clear any rules about gifts.

Any help is appreciated.

الساعة الآن 10:45 AM

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